When will I get my first issue of BTG?

Approximate Mailing Schedule
BTG publishes six issues per year. There are two mailings per issue to accomodate new subscriptions and renewals during the interim month.

This is an approximate schedule for mailing so you can determine the first issue you should receive, and when you might receive it based on when you subscribe.

Order By: Receive Issue: USA: Internat'l*:
Jan 21 Mar/Apr [1st mailing] March 1 March 15
March 10 Mar/Apr [2nd mailing] March 24 April 15
March 24 May/Jun [1st mailing] April 24 May 8
May 12 May/Jun [2nd mailing] May 26 June 9
May 19 Jul/Aug [1st mailing] June 24 July 8
July 10 Jul/Aug [2nd mailing] July 24 Aug 7
July 21 Sep/Oct [1st mailing] Sept 1 Sept 14
Sept 10 Sep/Oct [2nd mailing] Sept 24 Oct 8
Sept 22 Nov/Dec [1st mailing] Oct 24 Nov 7
Nov 10 Nov/Dec [2nd mailing] Nov 24 Dec 8
Nov 24 Jan/Feb [1st mailing] Dec 24 Jan 8
Jan 12 Jan/Feb [2nd mailing] Jan 26 Feb 9
*Actual date varies by country and destination within that country. All dates are approximate.