ISKCON Desire Tree ( is a multimedia portal in the service of Krishna’s devotees. Like the desire trees in Krishna’s abode, whatever Krishna conscious multimedia one wishes to see is manifest on this website.

“We have audio, video, power point files, comics, posters, images, games, quizzes, recipes, screensavers, greetings, ring tones, books, emagazines, and more,” says website manager Vaishnava Seva Dasa. “And we’re happy to serve devotees by offering them, free of cost, services like poster design for temples, congregations, and devotees.”

The ISKCON Desire Tree website has clean and simple navigation, making it easy for you to find everything.

“The most popular section is audio,” Vaishnava Seva says, “but all our content gets a lot of downloads.”

The site even contains an “Ask the Doctor” section, an online service designed to connect devotees all over world with doctors and health professionals.

The idea for the multimedia site came about in 2002 when Vaishnava Seva Dasa and a few other devotees received permission from Radhanatha Swami to start a small web page containing audio of his lectures.

“Someone suggested we make the lectures of other ISKCON speakers available on the web too,” says Vaishnava Seva Dasa. “So I gradually started to post lectures by other devotees.”

As the website grew, Vaishnava Seva began to hire devotees to develop further content.

“I gradually had to buy more computers,” he says. “Because I had to closely supervise the development, I started the website office in the living room of my small apartment.”

Now ISKCON Desire Tree has more than forty-two thousand files for you to download and enjoy. It has received more than one million Internet visitors.

“We receive a lot of feedback too,” Vaishnava Seva says. “Devotees write to thank us for our efforts, which makes us feel indebted to serve them even more. Our mood is to be the servant of the servants.”

Navigate your browser to and see what you can find.—Antony Brennan