www.deityworship.com is the web site of the ISKCON deity worship ministry. The goals of the ministry are to promote awareness of the importance of deity worship and to provide a learning forum that stimulates and inspires devotees to engage in deity worship.

The site provides information on worshiping deities at home as well as in Krishna’s temples. Click on “Home Worship” to find out about all the things you need to know for worshiping deities at home. Learn how to prepare for worship, wake the deities, offer them food, bathe them, dress them, offer them arati, and put them to bed.

The section on “Temple Worship” details the high standards of worship required in ISKCON temples. You can learn all the procedures and mantras used by ISKCON pujaris.

There is also a section on the worship and cultivation of Tulasi, a glossary of terms, and a link where you can ask questions.

“The site has been online since at least 2001,” says Nrisimha Kavacha Dasa, the ISKCON minister of deity worship and the manager of deityworship.com. “The idea for launching it came out of discussions with Parama Karuna Daa in the UK about how to inspire devotees in the worship of deities. We get regular emails from people saying how helpful they find the descriptions of the worship procedures.”

www.mayapuracademy.org is a joint initiative of the Mayapur deity department and the ISKCON deity worship ministry. The goal of the Mayapur Academy is to train devotees to help fulfill the need for pujaris in ISKCON communities around the world. The web site details courses offered to initiated devotees and the service opportunities available.

www.mayapuracademy.wordpress.com is the Mayapur Academy blog. Here you can keep up to date with the activities of the Academy and the ISKCON deity worship ministry.
Antony Brennan