Nagaraja Dasa – Editor
Nagaraja Dasa became a Hare Krishna devotee in San Francisco in 1974. He has been on the BTG staff since 1986 and became editor in 1998, taking over from Jayadvaita Swami. Nagaraja selects and edits articles, keeps things on schedule, and does just about everything that needs to be done to get the magazine out on time. He is well known as an expert singer and lecturer. Nagaraja lives in Alachua, Florida.

Prema Manjari Devi Dasi – General Manager
Prema Manjari Dasi overseas the BTG operation. Originally from India, she lives in Alachua with her two daughters and her husband, who spends much of his time in St. Lucia, the Caribbean nation where he has a medical practice and where the family lived before moving to Alachua.

Ranjit Dasa – Accounts & Bulk Orders
Ranjit Dasa keeps BTG’s accounts in order and helps out in other ways on the business side of things.

Govinda Dasa – Graphic Designer

Pandurang Dasa – BTG India
Pandurang Dasa oversees the BTG operation in India, where the magazine is printed in English, Hindi, and Marathi. He can be reached at

The rest of the team: Besides the people mentioned here, more than twenty others serve Back to Godhead as editors, advisors, proofreaders, production assistants, and so on.

To contact any of the BTG staff please use our contact page.