www.iskcon.org is the official website of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON). The site provides a place for people to find out about ISKCON, its people, their activities, and the philosophy of Krishna consciousness.

Iskcon.org is primarily an introductory site, meant for people from around the world who have an interest in finding out about ISKCON. ISKCON members who become familiar with the site feel inspired to direct the inquisitive to it.

Under About Us there are details about ISKCON, its history, and Srila Prabhupada as the founder-acharya. There is also a description of Vaishnavism, its sampradayas, and its place in Vedic culture.

The Activities menu has information about the culture of ISKCON and describes the devotees’ dynamic music, art, dance, and drama. There is also a discussion of ISKCON’s literary tradition, the movement having printed and distributed over half a billion books and magazines. Also under Activities are introductions to kirtana, festivals, and cow protection.

The content in the Beliefs menu digs deeper into Vaishnava philosophy, starting with bhakti-yoga. There are sections on meditation, vegetarianism, the use of sacred texts, and reincarnation and karma.

The People menu has brief autobiographies by devotees that show the wide variety of people from all walks of life who have come to Krishna consciousness. After introducing themselves, they answer the questions “Why am I a devotee?” and “How does devotion guide my life?”

The News menu links to iskconnews.org, “The News Agency of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness.”

The Resources menu has a list of tracks from albums by well-known devotee musicians. There are photos of devotees involved in kirtana, food distribution, and other devotional activities. There is a range of answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about death, God, life, the soul, and yoga. There is also a link to the ISKCON Interfaith Statement.

Under Links you can browse an online library, download e-books, and learn more about Srila Prabhupada.

In the Connect menu you can open a live chat with devotees, search the worldwide Temple Directory, subscribe to a newsletter, or send a message and receive an answer by email.

Iskcon.org is a colorful, friendly, easy-to-use website just perfect for sharing with people new to Krishna consciousness.

– Antony Brennan