www.gbc.iskcon.org is the official website for the ISKCON Governing Body Commission. The website was launched during the ISKCON Leadership Sanga (ILS) held in Mayapur, India, last February.

The first thing on the menu bar, next to the Home button, is a biography of Srila Prabhupada and a list of his books. The rest of the site includes many features to help familiarize everyone with the members of the GBC and the work they are involved in.

By clicking on the GBC tab, you will find a description of the GBC, the governance structure under which it works, and a profile of each GBC member. Under this tab you can also read about Srila Prabhupada’s vision for the GBC and browse through a list of frequently asked questions.

The Ministries tab takes you to a description of each of the ministries appointed by the GBC, such as the Deity Worship Ministry, the Book Distribution Ministry, and the Cow Protection and Agriculture Ministry. Here you can find information about each minister and his or her activities and read about the various GBC subcommittees, such as the Kirtan Standards Committee. These committees make recommendations to the GBC on a wide range of issues.

Click on Strategic Planning to read about the Strategic Planning team and the work they do in developing practical strategies for implementing the vision and decisions of the GBC. You can meet the team members and read the strategies and initiatives they work on.

You will find reports on GBC meetings by clicking on the Meetings tab.

The Resources tab leads you to a variety of papers, Powerpoint presentations, and video downloads. You can read all the GBC resolutions going back to 1975, download papers on topics such as kirtana standards and lines of authority, and watch presentations from the ISKCON Leadership Sanga as well as video interviews with devotees who attended.

Under the Multimedia tab you will find photographs from various GBC events.

The site makes it easier to understand the GBC and what it does. It provides a central place to keep up to date with its latest activities. If you click on the Contact link at the bottom of the page, you can send your own questions to the GBC Community Relations Director.

—Antony Brennan