The ISKCON Prison Ministry (IPM) —The website is a central place for information about the ministry’s activities in the United States.

“The ISKCON Prison Ministry focuses on helping prison inmates develop their Krishna consciousness,” Bhakti-lata Devi Dasi of IPM says. “We do that by corresponding with hundreds of inmates and sending them Prabhupada’s books. At the website, visitors can get first-hand knowledge of the effect Krishna consciousness has on inmates by reading from their letters.”

There are articles to read and a variety of inmate contributions, such as poetry, essays, and Krishna conscious art—all from inside prison.

Have a look at the newsletters and book-distribution reports, and read the section where prison chaplains express their appreciation of IPM and the programs devotees conduct in their prisons. Read about the book Holy Jail, compiled by Chandramauli Swami, which documents the history and activities of the ISKCON Prison Ministry.

The website is also a channel for volunteers. Click on IPM Volunteers and find out ways you can help, such as giving money, books, or devotional paraphernalia. You can also write letters to prisoners interested in learning about Krishna consciousness and turning their lives around. You may even feel inspired to visit bhaktas in jails and prisons.

“Since the website was set up, many devotees have expressed their appreciation for the service IPM is doing,” Bhakti-lata says. “Devotees have stepped forward to become transcendental pen-pals.”

IPM hopes the website will inspire many devotees to correspond with inmates.

“I encourage anyone who feels at ease with writing to try this service,” Bhakti-lata says. “You can teach Krishna consciousness from the comfort of your home.”

IPM drastically changes people’s lives. Click the Contact tab and let the IPM know how you’d like to help.
—Antony Brennan