is the official website of ISKCON’s Congregational Development Ministry. Phanishvara Dasa maintains the website from his home in Sri Mayapur, West Bengal, India.

“The electricity connection is sometimes a problem” he says, “but Mayapur’s the best place on earth.”

The site focuses on providing with information about the Ministry’s programs and activities, particularly about community development.

“We offer resources like the Bhakti-vriksha Manual and other publications, not only from our Ministry but from other sources and authors as well.”

You can access online documents and free downloads or buy printed copies from the online store. You can also subscribe to an email newsletter.

“Our E-bulletin newsletter contains links to recently published articles,” Phanishvara says. was originally registered in 2002. It started as a simple page containing the ministry’s mission statement and some basic information. In 2005 Phanishvara was asked to help develop the website.

“I agreed,” he says, “even though I had only a little experience with web publishing. Learning things on the way, I went through a couple of website hosting services and website content management systems until I arrived at the present solution. I use Drupal, an open-source content-management system that can be modified to do practically anything anyone could want from a web site.

“The site has separate content channels to present the broad spectrum of news and resources in a way that makes it easy for readers to find what they’re looking for.” is a work in progress.

“There are several things I haven’t had time to try out yet,” Phanishvara says. “I greatly appreciate input from readers, including suggestions for new content.”

ISKCON Prison Ministry

At you’ll also find the website of the ISKCON Prison Ministry (IPM), whose mission is “To spread Lord Chaitanya’s mercy to the fallen souls of Kali-yuga who find themselves within a prison of the prison house of the material world.”

The Prison Ministry works to bring Krishna consciousness to prisons around the world, to provide opportunities for inmates to practice Krishna consciousness, and to guide inmates in their spiritual life.

On the IPM channel at you’ll find news, stories, and contact details. You can also learn how you can help by writing, volunteering, and donating books or Back to Godhead magazines.
—Antony Brennan