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November/December 2022

WELCOME  Chapter twenty-five of the Srimad-Bhagavatam’s Tenth Canto relates one of the most famous of Lord Krshna’s earthly pastimes – His holding up Govardhana Hill for seven days to protect the residents of Vrindavan from a deluge. In the next chapter, titled “Wonderful Krishna,” the village cowherd men express their amazement at Krishna, especially His power to attract the love of everyone in Vrindavan.

Vishakha Devi Dasi writes about Krishna as “The Supreme Wonder Behind All Wonders.” From our current perspective, those wonders begin with His creation. That marvelous artifact can inspire us to cultivate our natural love for the all-attractive artist behind it.

Krishna spent 125 years on earth, His life and teachings preserved in the literature and culture of India over the millennia. After all this time, His Bhagavad-gita has stood the test of time, still studied and adored by millions today. Chaitanya Charana Dasa, in “The Wise on Gita Wisdom,” considers qualities of the Gita that have made it a perennial guide for great thinkers of the East and the West.

First-time BTG author Nandimukhi Devi Dasi, who hails from China, considers “Six Gita Values and Chinese Culture.” She is hopeful that those shared values may attract more Chinese people to Lord Krishna’s all-important message, which can invoke wonder in all.

Hare Krishna. – Nagaraja Dasa, Editor

Articles this month:

Spiritual Practice: A Lifelong Commitment

As we pursue the lofty goal of pure love for Krishna, we’ll likely face difficult times that require determined perseverance ...
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The Supreme Wonderful Behind All Wonders

The awe inspired by aspects of this world hints at the infinite awesomeness of its creator. By Vishakha Devi Dasi ...
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Learning the Ropes: An Analogical Look at the Three Modes of Material Nature

Learning the Ropes: An Analogical Look at the Three Modes of Material Nature By Satyaraja Dasa We like to think ...
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Six Gita Values and Chinese Culture

A look at some quotes from classical Chinese literature that echo Bhagavad-gita values and are popular among Chinese people today ...
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Govardhan Eco Village: Sustainable Beauty

As global environmental concerns continue to grow, the cutting-edge results of GEV are getting well-deserved attention from far and near ...
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Four Blessings of Sattva-guna

Though not spiritual itself, the material mode of goodness can assist us in our spiritual progress. By Harivamsha Dasa The ...
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When a Ghost Attacks God

King Kamsa dispatched many of his demoniac friends to find and kill his predicted future killer. By Gauranga Darshana Dasa ...
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The Wise on Gita Wisdom

Einstein, Emerson, Thoreau, Huxley, and Hesse are among the admirers of this venerable book of Lord Krishna’s teachings. By Chaitanya ...
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The Need to Become Detached

Srila Prabhupada explains that the real purpose of life is to get out of the bondage of material existence. By ...
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