The Position of Lord Brahma

I know you specialize in Krishna, but I was wondering why Hindus don’t worship Brahma and if it is bad to do so.
Evan Dean
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Our reply: Actually, it is not that we “specialize in Krishna,” but rather, Krishna is Lord Brahma’s “boss.” There are some wonderful prayers written by Lord Brahma, called the Brahma-samhita. In those prayers Lord Brahma himself says that Lord Krishna is the source of everything, the Supreme Personality of Godhead.


ishvarah paramah krishnah
anadir adir govinda


“Krishna, who is known as Govinda, is the Supreme Godhead. He has an eternal blissful spiritual body. He is the origin of all. He has no other origin, and He is the prime cause of all causes.” Many other prayers follow this prayer, each glorifying the power of Sri Krishna and acknowledging Him as the Supreme Lord. Brahma is the secondary creator, as the contractor of a building project is the secondary creator in relationship to whoever commissioned the building.

Lord Krishna is the creator and maintainer of everything. He has various subordinates, known as demigods, who are responsible for different cosmic tasks. Lord Brahma is the chief of those demigods, and he is the secondary creator of the universe. He works under the direction of Sri Krishna, and when things happen in the universe that he is unable to handle, he goes to Lord Krishna for advice and assistance. This is shown in many of the events described in the Srimad-Bhagavatam. In fact, a primary catalyst for Lord Krishna’s appearance on earth fifty centuries ago was that the demigods were in distress and went to Lord Brahma for help. He in turn went to Lord Krishna’s expansion Lord Vishnu to ask for His help. And then Lord Krishna appeared on earth.

To connect with the person in charge is more efficient and direct than going through secondary persons, and so we worship Lord Krishna.

We also recognize Lord Brahma as a great devotee of Krishna and as someone with great responsibility in the material sphere. But Lord Brahma is subject to death, unlike Lord Krishna, who is eternal and full of knowledge and bliss.

Krishna’s Seeming Indifference

Why is Krishna indifferent to me while at the same time He expects prayer from me?
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Our reply: Lord Krishna is not indifferent. He offers many ways for us to get to know Him, but as in developing a relationship with anyone else, we have to make some effort. He gives us His holy name, through which we can get in touch with Him. He gives us temples where we can come to see Him, and holy books to read about Him. He gives us air, water, food. Sometimes He gives us what we need rather than what we want, a common practice for a parent. Children often want things that are not good for them and may often resent it when their parents don’t fulfill their desires. But out of love, the parents decide not to give what will, in the long run, make their children ill or unhappy.

If we go to Krishna just to ask for things, He will not automatically give us whatever we want, but that is not indifference. If we pray to Him and try to understand His intentions, we can find again and yet again that He has our welfare in mind. We just need to try to understand things from different angles of vision, and sometimes that takes maturity and patience.

You ask why He wants your prayers. But He doesn’t want just any type of prayers. If you are always asking your parents for things, they won’t be able to satisfy your every desire, especially if you don’t earn or deserve what you are asking for. People go to God all the time and ask for things, even things that will hurt them and others. He decides what is best and doesn’t just dole out everything we ask Him for. He would rather have us pray by glorifying Him and by asking Him to help us serve Him. If we go to our parents or others we love and offer service, then we will find they will reciprocate with love and affection. Lord Krishna wants us to have a loving relationship with Him. He is even willing to become the loving servant of those who truly love Him.

Krishna knows that if we serve Him rather than our own sensual desires, we can get to know Him in a loving exchange. This will truly make us happy. But we think that other things will make us happy, so we ask for so many things. They leave us disappointed or never satisfied or satisfied for a short time and then unsatisfied again, so we keep desiring, keep asking, and keep feeling frustrated that we are not happy.

As children get older and want their independence, the parents will eventually allow it. Then the children enjoy and suffer on their own. But because they are acting on their own desires, they can’t expect to have their independence without any responsibility. That is immature.

If we develop a loving relationship with God and render service to Him, He will reciprocate. Krishna says that if we offer Him even a leaf or a fruit with love and devotion, He will reciprocate. He doesn’t need anything from us – not prayers, not anything. It is we who need to return to our natural loving relationship with Him. That return is not an intellectual pursuit; it has to be done with love and faith, and little by little the relationship will become clear.

Association with persons who have that faith will help. If you associate with persons who are not inclined toward God, that will have a negative effect. If you want to know Krishna, choose your association carefully and try to get to know Him through loving service and chanting His holy names.

Anxiety Free

How can I drive away anxiety?
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Our reply: According to the Bhagavad-gita, you can drive away anxiety by giving up attachment to the fruit of your work. You are anxious because you have expectations from the work you do, from people, from your family, from everyone. You are attached to your expectations.

Try to reduce your expectations and your attachment to them. Do your duties, and dedicate your work to Krishna. Whatever money, intelligence, skills, or resources you have, use them for Krishna. If you do this, your anxiety will reduce. It may take time. You have to get training, which you can get by associating with devotees in ISKCON’s temples. If you go to the temple regularly and practice bhakti regularly, you will gradually become free of anxiety.