www.vedicsearch.com is a website directory created by Padmavati Devi Dasi, who says she created the site to help the online devotee community find Krishna conscious content more quickly.

This online directory contains links to more than one thousand Krishna conscious websites from all over the world. It includes sites for organizations, temples, spiritual masters, devotees, news media, biographies, music, restaurants, and many more.

To make things easy to find, the websites are organized into groups. On the left of the home page you can see the alphabetic categories the sites are grouped under. When you click on the category you are interested in, you can see each of the sites in that group. There is a picture of each website and a link to take you to it. There is also a short description of the site to help you choose the ones you are interested in seeing.

If you click on the Directory button on the toolbar at the top of the site, you are taken to a page where all the collected sites are listed in alphabetical order. You can browse and choose from the many sites listed.

You can also search through the listed sites using a predictive search facility. Click on the Search button at the top, and in the search box start to type a site name or the kind of site you are looking for. After a few seconds a drop-down menu will appear under the search box, offering relevant websites you may find interesting. You can click on one you like or keep typing the words and click Enter to find an exact match.

On the Search page and the Home page you will see a list of recently added sites. You can click to visit any of them that look interesting.

If you have a Krishna conscious website that’s not listed, or if you know of one, you can click on Submit Website at the top of the site and send a link to be included for others to find.

—Antony Brennan