The ISKCON News TV Channel—presents videos and news stories by and for devotees of Krishna.

The use of video by devotees to share news of programs and festivals is on the increase as the technology to do so becomes cheaper and more available. The ISKCON News TV Channel draws on sources from around the world to offer a broad range of material, updated every few days.

“We want to bring good news to the attention of the devotees,” says Chitraka Dasa, who manages the site. “The main attraction is that we present many interesting and uplifting videos. We don’t concentrate on a particular issue; instead, we aspire to give a picture of what is happening in ISKCON.”

When you navigate your browser to the videos begin to play one after the other, so you can sit back and enjoy them. If you move your mouse to the left of the screen, a pop-out menu appears, and you can scroll up or down through the available videos and play the ones you choose.

Every time you visit you’ll find videos presenting programs and festivals from different ISKCON centers, plays, documentaries, book and music reviews, as well as interviews, talks, and much more.

One of the features of the TV channel is the ISKCON Press Review, a weekly digest of news stories and reports drawn from devotees’ web sites. The Press Review helps you keep up with the latest Internet-based reports. Each review includes links to the sites mentioned, so you can check them out yourself.

“We’re not interested in delving into controversies or complex debates,” Chitraka says. “Our aim is to inspire devotees by letting them see the wonderful things going on in our international society. In that way, we hope to motivate everyone to participate further in their own communities and deepen their devotional service.”

—Antony Brennan