www.vaisnavafamilyresources.org is the website of the Grihastha Vision Team (GVT), a group of devotee volunteers who provide resources to support married and prospective devotee couples.

“A website is a good way to get information to a wide audience,” said GVT volunteer Karnamrita Dasa. “The site is a natural outgrowth of our desire to get the word out about the importance of living a spiritual life in the grihastha ashrama.

The Grihastha Vision Team wants to help spiritualize your married life so that it will be an asset for your Krishna consciousness.

“On the website you will find articles supporting you in your marriage, including articles to help those facing martial difficulties,” Karnamrita said.

Browsing the site, you will find relationship tips and information about many aspects of maintaining a marriage. You will read about courses and upcoming events, as well as find links to videos and related websites. Read the biographies of team volunteers and review the strategies they employ to achieve the organization’s aims. Learn about the six vital ingredients of strong marriages and the twelve principles and values behind a Krishna conscious family life.

Karnamrita says the website was designed to educate. Its aim is to improve the condition of marriage and family life in the Hare Krishna movement, as well as in society at large. The GVT trains and provides mentors, and it spreads information to increase awareness of marital and premarital education.

After coming across the website, devotees and others often contact the Grihstha Vision Team.

“They appreciate our site very much,” Karnamrita Dasa says. “We get visitors from all parts of the world. Many people want to know how they can create similar programs where they live.”

Visit the website to make a donation, download some Vaishnava help for you and your family, or read the results of a survey mapping out devotee attitudes toward marriage.

—By Antony Brennan