The nine feature articles in this issue span a wide range of topics related to the philosophy and culture of Krishna consciousness. We begin, as always, with Srila Prabhupada’s lecture, in which he urges us to rise above our animal drives and qualify ourselves as true human beings. Real human life, he tells us, entails inquiry into the Absolute Truth. Modern, technology-driven life tends to stifle such inquiry, as Chaitanya Carana Dasa explains in “Where Technology Falls Short. ” And Devika Rao, in “Finding Shelter in True Identity,” describes the challenges Western society presents to a person raised with the spiritual values of Vedic culture.

Of course, the influences of technology and Western culture are worldwide. So, in the college town of Vallabh Vidyanagara, India, Hare Krishna devotees work hard to ensure that Lord Krishna’s teachings are heard amid the roar of worldly subjects.

Sometimes startling evidence of Vedic culture shows up in the West. In “Serving Krishna by Serving Tulasi,” we hear how the cherished tradition of worshiping the sacred Tulasi plant is thriving in Vancouver. And in “Beyond Vegetarianism: The Power of Prasadam,” Satyaraja Dasa explains why the vegetarian diet of Krishna’s devotees, rooted in Vedic wisdom, excels anything the West has to offer.

Hare Krishna.—Nagaraja Dasa, Editor


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Where Technology Falls Short

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Serving Krishna by Serving Tulasi

By Vishakha Devi Dasi The luxurious growth of one of Krishna’s greatest devotees, who appears in a special form, attests ...
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Finding Shelter in True Identity

By Devika Rao A child of Indian-born parents in America discovers herself in the context of competing cultures. “So, tell ...
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