www.24hourkirtan.fm is the website of an Internet radio station called 24 Hour Kirtan Mandali Radio. The station plays kirtanas recorded live at the Krishna-Balarama Mandir in Vrindavan, India, as well as kirtanas recorded at events and programs around the world.

Internet radio lets you tune in to your favorite music wherever you have Internet access. You can listen in on your home computer or on your mobile phone.

When the www.24hourkirtan.fm home page loads in your Internet browser, a software player appears on screen and the latest kirtana stream starts playing. A button on the player lets you stop and start the music, and you use your computer volume controls.

Click on the How to Listen button on the navigation bar to discover the ways you can listen to the music stream. There is a mobile App you can download to your phone that allows you to listen to the live recordings at any location.

On your computer, you can also tune in using iTunes, SHOUTcast, or Winamp. These are software applications you download to your computer that can access Kirtan Mandali Radio while you use your browser to access other websites. You will find instructions for these on the How to Listen page.

Clicking on the Events button reveals a list of kirtana programs around the world that play on Kirtan Mandali Radio. If you click on the title of any event, the associated web page will open. You can read about each event and access video and audio of the kirtanas. At the bottom of the Events page you can subscribe to the calendar to stay up to date with the latest in kirtana events around the world.

The Download page provides links to get your own copies of the kirtanas you are listening to. You can play these offline whenever you like and share them with friends.

On the Blog page are articles about some of the kirtanas playing on the website. There is a list of links in the left column where you can access archives of previous blogs.

The Podcast page has links to audio interviews, talks, and lectures about kirtana.

Kirtan Mandali Radio has a booth at Krishna-Balarama Mandir, home of the 24-hour kirtana, as well as a Facebook page and a Twitter feed where you can keep in touch with what is coming up in the radio stream.

—Antony Brennan