is the website of the Bhakti Writers Community, a project of the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust (BBT). An online network for devotee writers across the globe, the Bhakti Writers Community brings together experienced writers and those who want to improve their skills and associate with others interested in writing for Vaishnava and secular audiences.

The Bhakti Writers Community hopes to increase the writing and publication of Vaishnava literature by providing incentives such as publishing opportunities and competitions. The community also provides educational resources, including online seminars, discussion forums, and links to useful websites.

The goal of the site is “to create an atmosphere that fosters creativity and encourages writing in the hope that each member will grow as a writer, learn and contribute to the learning of others, and openly and effectively express thoughts, ideas, and information.”

If you are looking for a place to discuss devotional writing, then this is the ideal website for you. The Bhakti Writers Community functions like a social network, where you create an account and join groups based on various subjects.

To make the best use of the Bhakti Writers Community you should create an account and log in. This gives you full access to the groups and forums so you can meet other writers and join discussions. To create an account you will need to use the credentials of your existing Facebook, Google, or Yahoo account.

The toolbar across the top of the site gives you access to the various areas within. Clicking on the NEWS button allows you to read about the activities of the other community members who have been successful in publishing a story or an article. Here you will also find news about upcoming contests and updates on what is happening around the community.

Clicking on the ACTIVITY button brings you to your personal Bhakti Writers home page, or Activity Stream. This page automatically updates itself with links to the writers groups you have joined and the discussion forums you are participating in. You can also see messages you have received from other group users as well as links to the pages of the other writers you have made friends with on the site. On this page you can also see who has been active on the site recently and post messages, links, or photos.

Clicking on the CONNECT button gives you access to four areas: Forums, Groups, Members, and Sites. In Forums you will find the Reading, Writing, Publishing, Contests, and Technical Support forums. Within these forums you can start discussions and share ideas about these subjects. In the Technical Support forum you can get help with questions you have about how to best use the site. You can also share your suggestions for additions or improvements. Under the Groups link are subject areas you can participate in, and you can start your own group and invite your friends to join. Under the Members link you can see who else participates in the Writers Community and which ones you have become friends with. You can see who has been active recently and what forums they have been participating in. When you click on the Sites link you can see a list of websites where other community members share their writing.

The CONTESTS button on the toolbar takes you to information about the latest writing competitions. Some competitions have prizes and some offer publishing opportunities.

The LOGOUT button is especially useful if you use public access points like libraries or Internet cafes.

When you are logged in, the HOME button will always bring you back to your personal Bhakti Writers home page, known as the Activity Stream. When you are not logged in, the HOME button takes you to the website log-in page.

—Antony Brennan