Devotees all over the world have taken advantage of the Internet to create beautiful websites for ISKCON temples. These websites not only advertise the existence of Krishna’s temples, but they also describe the weekly programs, upcoming festivals, and the philosophy of Krishna consciousness.

In some temples, video cameras upload live images of all the activities carried out before the deities. You can log on and watch live lectures, kirtanas, dramas, and more.

For a taste, visit these two great websites in India: Sri Mayapur Chandrodaya Mandir and ISKCON Chowpatty.

Sri Mayapur

No matter where you are, if you have access to the Internet you can arrive at once in Sri Mayapur, the spiritual capital of the world. The Sri Mayapur website provides live pictures from within ISKCON’s Mayapur Chandrodaya Mandir, from early morning to evening.

The photo gallery on the website opens up the whole Mayapur complex to your computer, with pictures of the surrounding campus for you to download and enjoy. Read about the history of the temple and the installation of the beautiful deities, including the incredible life-size Sri Pancha Tattva.

To visit Sri Mayapur, go to

ISKCON Chowpatty

The ISKCON temple in Chowpatty, Mumbai, is dedicated to Sri Radha Gopinatha, and so is the website. Click on “Daily Darshan” to see photographs of Their Lordships from every day in the past year. Click on “Audio Tour” and be transported to the “ISKCON Desire Tree Multimedia” portal. Here you can download a stunning variety of videos and e-books and choose from a selection of more than eighteen thousand lectures and kirtanas.

To visit the Chowpatty temple, go to Directory

You can find more websites for ISKCON temples by searching the directory at With a few clicks, you can visit temples all over the world or locate the closest temple, prasadam restaurant, or Hare Krishna farm.

—Antony Brennan