Blogging has become a popular way to communicate on the internet. You won’t find the word blog in most dictionaries. It’s a relatively new word, derived from the term web log. A blog is a website where the author publishes regular entries, as if writing a diary. Blogs can be written about any subject, and many devotees have taken to blogging about Krishna consciousness.

Many blogs are interactive, allowing the reader to comment on each message the author publishes. On some blogs there are conversations between the authors and the readers. Blogging has become so popular that many online newspapers allow readers to comment on news stories.

Rasa Rasika Dasa maintains

“I felt it would be positive and constructive to share realizations about japa with others,” Rasa says.

He wanted to make a site where devotees can encourage each other in their chanting.

“I get very positive feedback from many readers,” Rasa says. “Japagroup gets about a thousand visitors a month.”

Unable to start a Krishna consciousness society at a university, an author calling himself KC Blogger decided to set up a Krishna conscious blog.

“I didn’t see any websites where people of my age could discuss contemporary issues on a spiritual perspective,” he writes, “so I decided to create People have visited the site from all over the world—Central America, South Africa, Mauritius, Russia, Taiwan, Fiji. The internet is a wonderful resource for advancing our God consciousness.”

Chandidasa Dasa has a blog at

“I was encouraged by others to start a blog and express my views and ideas,” he says. “It was a good way to tell the world what I was doing. It also provided a way for me to get devotee association, which is otherwise difficult.”

Chandidasa’s blog receives around four thousand visitors a month.

A website maintained by Sitapati Dasa——draws on blogs from many devotees around the world.

You can view blogs at

If you are interested in starting your own blog, have a look at and

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