Krishna Conscious Student Life

As a student, what should I do to become Krishna conscious, managing regular life and time devoted to Krishna?
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Reply: Yes, it is a real juggling act to balance our material and spiritual duties. Try to have an early-morning spiritual program filled with chanting, hearing, and discussing Krishna. We are fortunate to have so many ways to engage our mind and senses in Krishna’s service. At the temple there are regular times for japa, class, kirtana, and other forms of worship. Many temples have live webcams, so you can observe and take part even during a lockdown. Many temples are open; check for the ones near you. There may be gatherings of devotees in your area too. But going to bed early and rising early with sacred time for your chanting and hearing is most important.

If you can have some association with advanced devotees, that is best. Make sure your food is offered to the Lord. This will keep you purified and peaceful. Listen to lectures and seminars in between your driving or studies to keep in touch with the transcendental.

Krishna is there when you call to Him, so listen carefully to His instructions in the Gita. Many devotees do a lot of positive preaching in their student life by being good examples, having home programs, and talking to others about the philosophy and the spiritual way of life they follow.

Faith vs. Logic

Which is better, to develop love towards God with faith or through logic?
Pratik Patil
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Reply: Whatever works for you is the best. It will be different for different people. Lord Krishna says in the Bhagavad-gita that people come to Him for four main reasons: because they’re distressed, because they desire some kind of material gain, because they’re inquisitive, or because they’re searching for the Absolute Truth. While He especially favors those who are sincerely searching for the truth, all of them will ultimately attain the perfection of self-realization, or Krishna consciousness (love of God).

To stick to the process of developing love for God, we need to have realizations about the efficacy of our practice. These will come, and they will increase our faith. Some initial faith is required to be able to hear properly. Logic often helps people accept the philosophy of Krishna consciousness and gives them the faith to engage in the process of purification. Logic will not always convince everyone to have faith. But faith in the teachings will promote one to higher levels of realization and the ultimate dedication of one’s life to serving the Supreme Lord.

Answers to All Questions

Is it true that the Vedas and the Bhagavad-gita have answers to all the questions of humankind?
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Reply: Yes, true. Your search for the Absolute Truth has ended. The word veda means “knowledge,” and the Vedas contain all knowledge, both material and spiritual. They answer not only questions you are wondering about, but also questions you never would have thought of. They are the real wealth that we’re seeking to enrich our mind, intelligence, and soul.

The Vedas, the Bhagavad-gita, and especially the Srimad-Bhagavatam are the post-graduate study of religion and philosophy, the true guides to self-realization and God-realization. Please take the opportunity to study this knowledge and put it into practice in your life. It will save you from repeated birth and death in the material world. It is best to study under the guidance of advanced devotees who are pure in heart. There are regular classes at our temples, and many classes are available online.

The First Question

Who am I?
Sandesh Bhopale
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Reply: You are definitely an intelligent soul for asking the most important question a human being can ask. For so many lifetimes we have been tricked to think we are these bodies, both the gross and subtle ones, like the mind and the false ego. But the truth is that each of us is a spirit soul, part of the Supreme Soul, Sri Krishna. We have been in the material world since time immemorial, occupying one body after another in our quest to enjoy separately from Krishna. But He has been next to us in the heart all this time, hoping we would listen to Him.

Krishna is waiting for us to turn to Him and agree to serve Him with love and devotion without wanting anything in return. This is the art of bhakti, loving service, which will awaken the soul and begin to allow us to experience the pleasure of contacting the Lord. His holy names are identical to Him. He recommends we chant His glories to stay in contact with Him.

Krishna’s instructions in the Bhagavad-gita are guides for us fallen souls to understand our position and that of the Lord. We are eternally related to Him in a specific loving mood that is gradually revived by our serving Him purely. In this lifetime, try to put yourself in an atmosphere of loving service, with the association of advanced devotees, so you can advance and reawaken your lost identify as an eternal servant of Krishna.