www.vrindavanexperience.com is designed for you to share your visit to Vrindavan with people all around the world. If you’re interested in making your own visit, this site can help you plan, and if you have already been, it will help you stay in touch. The idea is to inspire everyone to make his or her own visit.

The website is filled with many stories from devotees. Some have visited many times, and others have returned from their first experience. You can read the stories written by others, see their videos, leave comments, and start a conversation. After you go, you can share your personal story in writing and send your favorite photos or even a video.

If you can’t make the trip, while sitting at your computer you can visit Govardhana Hill, herd the cows, hear from the residents of Vrindavan, and visit many temples.

“I love Vrindavan,” writes Sasha in her story. “God is in the center of everybody’s life, and the result is that Vrindavan inhabitants are peacefully happy. I wish I could go to Vrindavan every year and experience this spiritual happiness. When you are surrounded by sadhus, spiritually happy people, you become happy as well. It’s contagious.”

“The moment I stepped into Vrindavan I felt like I was at home,” writes Sanjay. “When I went to Radha Ramana Temple, I felt like I knew each and every brick, every floor tile. It was as if I had been away for some time and was now back home.”

The best videos and stories are featured on the front page to make them easy to find. You can navigate by choosing the categories on the menu bar that lead to the archives. The Tag Cloud on the front page helps you find the content that interests you most.

One of the goals of the website managers, under the direction of His Holiness B.B. Govinda Swami, is to create a documentary film for distribution to inspire as many people as possible to make their own pilgrimage to Vrindavan. The best experiences from the site will be considered for the documentary. The documentary makers have spent two years in extensive filming and have produced twelve hours of interviews in full high definition with surround sound. In the shop on the site you can order a copy of Glimpses of Vraja, a DVD that shares some of the content of the documentary film. It is a series of videos of different locations and seasons of Vrindavan.

You can click on the link to make a donation or to buy a CD or DVD from the online shop to help support the website and the documentary project.