www.kirtanparty.com Kirtana, the congregational chanting of the holy names of the Lord, has long been at the heart of the International Society of Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON). Kirtanaparty.com aims to help you find kirtana groups close to you, gives encouragement, shares best practices, and helps you improve your own kirtana group.

At kirtanparty.com you can read about the glories and benefits of performing public kirtana and watch the measured growth of kirtana parties across North America. This website is a great example of how devotees, although geographically disparate, can collaborate to increase the incidence of public kirtana and in a meaningful and interesting way share data showing its growth.

On the Statistics page you can see a map showing the number of hours of kirtana performed in various locations around North America. When you register your kirtana group and report the number of hours of kirtana it has performed, the circle connected to your location will graphically show your activity. The map will also indicate the number of Srila Prabhupada’s books being distributed by region. You can monitor the progress of the kirtana revolution and book distribution.

On the Locations page is the kirtana -party finder. Quickly and automatically find the kirtana party closest to you. From a wide view of the United States you can zoom the map to see your location, and you can mark it with a red map marker. The nearest kirtana group is indicated with a blue map marker. On the left, you can click on more kirtana locations and then click on More Info to see a particular location on the map. Colored seals on the map indicate the number of hours each kirtana party has performed.

The Calendar page displays the kirtana event calendar, so you can see when and where kirtanas are occurring throughout the year. When you register, you can update your events to share with others who view the site. You can download the calendar or print it.

On the Join the Party page you can sign up and add your kirtana group to the register of events. To the growing list, you can add your local temple’s kirtana events and details about other kirtanas you attend.

When you’re signed up and have your password, you can go to the Submit Stats page and update the details about how many kirtanas you hold or attend. You can send images, videos, and stories from your kirtana groups for others to see. You can browse through the images others have posted and find information about other kirtanas in your area. All submissions are reviewed before they appear on the site.

On the Kirtana Videos page you can browse through and play the kirtana videos others have uploaded. At the bottom of every page you’ll find links to the most recent posts, comments, and photos, and upcoming events.

– Antony Brennan