www.vedicscience.eu is an initiative of the Vedic Science Research Center in Hungary. This web page is a collection of categorized links leading to other web sites, articles, videos and online books that use the ancient knowledge of Vedic India to find answers to scientific and social issues.

Browsing through the links, you will learn about the cosmology of the Vedic universe, the nature of consciousness, evidence for reincarnation, Ayurvedic science, archaeology, the Vedantic concept of the origin of life, and much more.

The categories of links include physics, palaeontology, biology, chemistry, Intelligent Design, medical science, Vedic ecology, history, and philosophy. There are also links to books, journals, videos, and research institutes.

The Vedic Science Research Center presents scientific research and information from the Vaishnava point of view.

“We have a Hungarian-language website at www.kutatokozpont.hu,” says Ishvara Krishna Dasa. “We created the Vedic Science web site to present something for the English-speaking audience because we would like to be an international source for materials related to science and Vedic knowledge.”

“Creating our web site is an ongoing process,” Ishvara Krishna says. “If you know of any on-line resources related to Krishna consciousness and modern science, we would be happy to hear from you.”

You can send a message to the Vedic Science Research Center by clicking on the “Contact” link on the web site.
Antony Brennan