Back to Godhead January/February 2015

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WELCOME The Vedic literature tells of bygone ages when godly kings ruled the world. Guided by self-realized souls, they used their positions to engage the citizens in the primary aim of human life: the awakening of pure love for God, now lying dormant within each of us. In this issue, the book excerpt Brilliant as the Sun tells about one such exemplary king, Ambarisha Maharaja, whose power of devotion to God defeated the mystic power of an irate sage.

Today, the idea of a God-centered government disturbs people, one reason being competing concepts of God. In this magazine, with support from the Vedic scriptures, we champion Lord Krishna as God. People unfamiliar with Krishna naturally balk at this idea, but even those who know something about Him may challenge the logic of worshiping a God who seems to perform immoral acts. In "Can God Be Immoral?" Mukundamala Dasa responds to this challenge.

Two other articles in this issue provide insight into Krishna's supremacy. "Fulfilling Our Longing for Love," Caitanya Charana Dasa explains, can be attained only in a relationship with Krishna. And Rasa Purusha Dasa, who passed away before seeing his article in print, explains how Krishna is the reservoir of compassion.

Hare Krishna. – Nagaraja Dasa, Editor


Lord Vishnu protects King Ambarisha from a fiery demon conjured up by an angry ascetic.


Why we worship Krishna even though He steals things, dances with others' wives, and performs other seemingly immoral acts.


The Upanishads say we're one with God; they also say we're different from Him. Can both statements be true?