Back to Godhead May/June 2016

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May/June 2016

WELCOME  Last August, Kolkata's 15,000-seat Netaji Indoor Stadium was filled beyond capacity – twice – to commemorate Srila Prabhupada's departure for America in 1965. In this issue, "Celebrating Prabhupada's Historic Journey" reports on what took place.

When Prabhupada boarded the Jaladuta, he was leaving India to tell people elsewhere who God is. Perhaps no one he knew expected him to be successful. But he convinced Americans and people around the world that this person named Krishna is not a mythological figure but is in fact "the Supreme Personality of Godhead." Navina Shyama Dasa's "Not Your Everyday God" shows how Krishna shatters limited, stereotypical ideas of God to give us a fuller view of the source of all that is.

As a tribute to the person who brought Krishna into their lives, in the 1970s disciples of Srila Prabhupada built a stunning memorial in his honor in the hills of West Virginia. Satyaraja Dasa reviews the history of its construction and the efforts underway to restore it to its original glory.

Sureshvara Dasa's series on Srila Prabhupada continues with a discussion of varnashrama, a part of Prabhupada's plan to spread Krishna consciousness that he left unfulfilled, entrusted into the hands of his dedicated followers.

Hare Krishna. – Nagaraja Dasa, Editor


Devotional culture includes charity in a variety of forms.


By learning about Krishna, people can expand their idea of what it means to be God.


Built in the 1970s, the monument in the hills of West Virginia is getting some much-needed restorative attention.