Back to Godhead May/June 2011

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May/June 2011

In this issue, Mohini Radha Devi Dasi's article "Our Hidden Treasure" describes how Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, using an allegory, revealed that the ultimate goal of life is bhakti, or pure love for God, Krishna. Sometimes people wonder: To focus our love on Krishna, do we need to withdraw it from everyone else?

No, we don't, because one who loves Krishna loves everyone else by seeing their relationship with Krishna.

In "Mother Earth: Holder and Giver of Wealth," Vishakha Devi Dasi shows that loving Mother Earth is part of loving Krishna because she is a display of some of His energies. Krishnanandini Devi Dasi, in "Vaishnava Family Love and Affection," explains how our love for Krishna must extend to our family members, who are eternally part of Krishna

In fact, every living being is part of Krishna, and we can love everyone by working to reunite all souls with Him. In "Prabhupada at the Avalon Ballroom," Mukunda Goswami shows how Prabhupada introduced hundreds of San Francisco hippies to Krishna through His holy names. And Meera Khurana's "In Vrindavan with a Hundred Foreigners" tells what it's like to be in a place saturated with love for Krishna.

Hare Krishna.—Nagaraja Dasa, Editor


Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu taught us how to discover the ultimate treasure lying within our hearts.


Devotees of Lord Krishna honor the Earth as a display of His energies and a hint of His beauty.


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