Back to Godhead May/June 2009

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May/June 2009

In "The Best Benediction," Mohini Radha Devi Dasi recalls a saint who rejected a magical stone that could produce gold. He had something much more valuable: the holy names of the Lord.

Why are God's names so valuable? Because anything related to God, Krishna, is God Himself. That means we're in touch with Krishna whenever, for example, we hear, recite, or remember His holy names or narrations of His activities. Associating with Krishna in the numerous ways available to us is the key to spiritual progress though bhakti-yoga, the culture of devotion to God.

Our series on Krishna's avatars provides an easy way to focus our minds on transcendence. Just read "Lord Parashurama's Revolution," and you'll be engulfed in the transformative power of spiritual sound.

Krishna's devotees try to stay in constant contact with Him and bring others into His company. In "Parenting as Service to God," we gain insights on how to increase Krishna's presence in our homes. And in "Vedic Wisdom Reaches Finland’s Schools," Krishna-kripa Dasa describes the success of a small group of devotees in bringing Krishna into the world of education—where it is sorely needed, as Srila Prabhupada explains in "Dangerous Education."

Hare Krishna.—Nagaraja Dasa, Editor


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