Back to Godhead January/February 2022

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January/February 2022

WELCOME  Prayer is an important part of our spiritual life, but some of us might feel unsure how to go about it. Or in our endeavors for spiritual progress, we might naturally want to know how we can improve in this devotional practice. Like most aspects of Krishna consciousness, we can look to the Srimad-Bhagavatam for guidance. Vraja Vihari Dasa has done that in this issue with his article “How Do We Pray to Krishna?”

In his Founder’s Lecture, Srila Prabhupada takes up the topic of making spiritual progress, as he speaks about “Levels of Realization.”

Two articles deal with competing ideas. Chaitanya Charana Dasa asks “Are People Innately Good or Innately Bad?” Philosophers have argued in favor of each position, and there seems to be evidence of both. Mukundamala Dasa, in “Types of Equal Vision,” raises the interesting fact that although Lord Krishna labels the material world a place of suffering, His pure devotees may see it as filled with happiness.

How to see divine justice in the world was the challenged faced by Gaura Kumara Dasa when his daughter was born with Down’s Syndrome. He reveals the progression of his thoughts in “Does Krishna Not Love Her?”

Hare Krishna. – Nagaraja Dasa


Many of us think that people are basically good; many of us think the opposite.


Even the most independent-minded among us must sometimes seek help from others.

Giriraj Swami

Some guidance in executing one of the nine processes of devotional service.