My Son Leads the Way

A concerned mother investigates her son's momentous life change.

At age nineteen, my son moved to Portland, Oregon, to live with a friend and his family. His goal was to be in a rock-and-roll band and become rich and famous. During this same time, my oldest daughter was getting ready to have her first child. When she went into labor, it was exciting, but the labor became long and difficult, with complications.

The Extra Plants

How to ensure the vigorous growth of the "vine of devotion."

Sri Chaitanya-charitamrita metaphorically describes love of God as a creeper, or vine. The following story is based on that metaphor. [See the sidebar "The Creeper of Devotion."]

I reared my head like a cobra, not to strike at someone but to catch the sun. Holding a jumbo glowing flower at the top of my green leaves, I dominated the garden with my presence.

My name is False Prestige, and I call myself an Extra Plant (which sounds more flattering than Weed).

"What's Wrong with Sex?" (A Response)

Why sexual restraint makes life better.

When the media assault our eyes with images of half-naked bodies, lawmakers fight back with anti-obscenity laws, and the media complain that the government is policing personal morality.

"Who are you to restrict our sexual enjoyment?" cry the libertines.

"Ubiquitous sexuality," say the cultural conservatives, "degrades society."

Everyone cherishes the right to enjoy life, and libertines, to defend themselves, appeal to this right.

Lord Parashurama's Revolution

An ax-wielding avatar rids the world of evil rulers.

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