Lord Krishna's Cuisine: The Savory Samosa

The Savory Samosa

Bursting with a harmony of flavors, this spicy vegetable-stuffed pastry is a classic favorite of Lord Krishna and His devotees.

After a long series of experiments, researchers at the Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco recently showed that the constituents of our food alter our moods and thoughts by changing the chemistry of the brain. Their statement: "The food that we eat has intimate effects on the brain, on our appetite, our mood, curability to sleep and to think." A practical proof of this is that the students at schools in Fulton County, Georgia, where junk foods have been banned in favor of natural and nutritious meals, are reportedly learning quicker, staying healthier, and even behaving better.

The Chapati: Bread Fit for the Lord

The Chapati, History and Recipe

Simple, wholesome, delicious: The qualities that made this traditional unleavened bread the choice for offering to Krishna five centuries ago make it a staple in Krishna's cuisine today.

Madhavendra Puri awoke and lamented, "I saw the Lord directly, but I could not even recognize Him!"

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