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Face to Face with Frustration
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Is Religion the Opium of the Masses?
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Understanding Karma and How to Stop It
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Remember God? Coming Back to My Eternal...
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Extremist Misconceptions About the Bhagavad-...
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Time and Again
Average: 4.5 (8 votes)
The Ropes That Bind Us
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The Secret Behind "The Secret"
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Can God Be Immoral?
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Five Days in Punjab
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The word karma pervades popular culture; it's time people learned what it means.

Two people with two reactions to dying.

A BTG associate editor and steady contributor of articles offers advice and encouragement on writing for this...

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WELCOME  The founder of the Hare Krishna movement, His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, sailed to America from India in 1965. He was on a mission to deliver an urgent two-part message to everyone in the world:...


As death nears, souls preparing for their next destination find spiritual solace in Krishna's sacred land.
For more than forty years, Hare Krishna devotees have introduced Krishna to the people of Space City.
Or might religion be the antidote for the mental haze induced by the real drug?
A Pennsylvania farm pursues a model laid out by Srila Prabhupada nine years before he arrived in America.
The Upanishads say we're one with God; they also say we're different from Him. Can both statements be true?
Why we worship Krishna even though He steals things, dances with others' wives, and performs other seemingly...
Lord Vishnu protects King Ambarisha from a fiery demon conjured up by an angry ascetic.
Srila Prabhupada explains a fundamental difference between us and God.
His journey included Conservative Judaism, Native American Vision Quests, various forms of Hinduism, and a...
An engineer explains the science behind rainbows to help us appreciate the supreme artist who makes them...
With a population of 800,000 and rising, this important New Delhi satellite city was ready for a major ISKCON...
In a talk to hospice workers, Giriraja Swami highlights the goal of fixing one's consciousness on God at the...