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Here’s a strategy to deal with fear: Focus, Arise, Engage, and Release.

In the mid-1990s, one of Time magazine’s twenty most influential and iconic figures of the...

A highly posted government officer renounced the world and became a highly posted leader among Lord Chaitanya...

A young devotee from ancient times taught and exemplified the essential qualities for spiritual success.

Challenging times can inspire our most important thoughts about life.


Srila Prabhupada explains that the only way to get perfect knowledge is to hear from the perfect person.

Spiritual practices and a healthy planet go well together.

Chaitanya Mahaprabhu

Although the Advaitins may want to coopt this famous phrase, Vaishnavas have something to say about that.

Lord Vishnu

Before Lord Brahma plays his role in the cosmic creation, Krishna’s expansions set the stage.

If anyone eager for devotional service utters the holy name even partially or improperly, the holy name...

Like Dhritarashtra, all who are blinded by their attachments invite misfortune upon themselves.

Srila Prabhupada explains that only the foolish person doesn’t know that we are all on the threshold of...